The Dark Forest


One day, deep, deep inside the Dark Forest, a lonely tree blossomed. All four of its blossoms gave birth to beautiful red flowers, with one of them even being a twin-flower. The beauty of these new-borns was evident; however there was no one nearby to witness this loveliness. Not even a bug or an ant. There were only other trees, tall, flowers-less, with dark, gloomy faces. If there was no one to observe its beauty, how can we know that it even existed on the first place?

However, in one moment, the silence of the Dark Forest was suddenly interrupted. A crusty sound of shattered leaves was approaching. It was a red-spotted tree, the most rear of all trees. These trees were so unique and rear that some people considered them to be mythological creatures. The strangest thing on these trees was that they could grow eyes, mouth, nose and ears, just like humans could. They could even move, although very slowly, if they sense something significant would happen. This particular red-spotted tree had grown his eyes, mouth, nose and ears long, long time ago. He was full of hope that beauty was somewhere near, hidden, and he used his every wakeful hour wandering restlessly through the Dark Forest looking for it. However, all he could find was dark, tall and gloomy trees that were not even aware of his existence. Years had passed by, and the red-spotted tree started losing his hope that he would ever find his happiness in the Dark Forest. When he was sad, his eyes would leak, he did not know why, but that made him feel a little bit better. Until one day, just as his hope began to fade away, when he was on one of his usual wanderings through the forest, he noticed a peculiar fresh and sweet smell. He started following this smell, moving as fast as his wooden body would allow him to move, and suddenly he saw something that he had been looking for ever since he opened his eyes for the first time. It was the most beautiful creation in the whole forest, the tree with red flowers. In that moment, the flowers could finally be seen and the red-spotted tree could finally see the beauty he was looking for. Then, the red-spotted tree looked around and noticed that not only the flowers were shining in their beauty, but also the dark, tall trees around them became lighter and brighter. The sunshine was piercing through their branches all the way to the cold ground. When he opened his eyes for the beauty for the first time, the red-spotted tree realized that he could see the world around him just as it really was, not as a dark and lonely place, but as a huge, bright space, full of wonders to be explored.


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