About Sparky and Gloomy

Sparky and Gloomy were created as an attempt to silence my over-thinking and over-analyzing mind, crowded with thousands thoughts, ideas, feelings, concerns, disappointments, dreams and hopes. I also wanted to partially externalize and structure this crazy mind of mine by respecting all kinds of my passions and interests, starting from my academic and professional interest in psychology and neuroscience, to my newly found love for writing short stories and drawing (not so skillfully) small, funny creatures.

Sparky and Gloomy are two sides of life experience, positive and negative, high and low, energized and drained, inspired and stuck, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Yin and Yang. I consider that finding a balance between those two opposite sides is out of most importance for our mental health and this can be done by acknowledging both our strengths and weaknesses,  pleasant and unpleasant feelings and thoughts, because only truthful and self-aware life is  worthy of our highest efforts. 



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